RimWorld Ideology Game Free Download

RimWorld Ideology Game Free Download

RimWorld Ideology Game Free Download for Mac’s latest update is a direct link to windows. RimWorld Ideology Download Free PC Game Full Version Highly Compressed via direct link. Download the free full version of RimWorld Ideology for Mac OS X and PC. RimWorld Ideology Game Is a Full And Complete Game. Just Download, Run Setup, And Install.

RimWorld Ideology Game Free Download
RimWorld Ideology Game Free Download

Overview of RimWorld Ideology Games:

What do you believe?
RimWorld – Ideology gives every person in the game a belief system. Play as piratical nudist cannibals, blind undergrounder mole people, charitable ranching cowboys, machine-obsessed transhumanists, and many more.

Many features aren’t yet announced, so this page is just a placeholder for now. When the expansion becomes available, you’ll find a full description of it here. Until then, please follow news on the RimWorld news page, and don’t forget to add Ideology to your wishlist!
Why did we create RimWorld – Ideology?
RimWorld has always been about role-playing and storytelling. For many years I’ve seen players create colonies with their own special themes – minimalist nomads, raiding pirates, mad cannibals, drug-worshippers. People want to have a sense of authorship over their stories.

I thought: What if we made the system that let players explicitly express all those different ways of life?

That’s what we’ve spent the last 15 months working on with Ideology. This expansion lets you create a new belief system and act it out in your colony. You can play as tree-worshipping cannibals who carve skulls into every piece of furniture, or blind tunnelers who shun the light, or transhumanists obsessed with perfecting the human form using exotic technology. Or be nudists, or drug-stupor mystics, or piratical raiders, or charity-focused givers, or pain-loving animal sacrificers, or dance-party techno ravers, or rustic ranching cowboys, or many many more.

You can mix and match different core elements of your belief system, and also customize every individual precept, ritual, special social role, venerated animal and weapon, culture and style, unique building, tattoo, clothing, background narrative, god, and beard preference.
Ideology makes your story into your story more than ever before.

This comes with a bunch of extra content. There is a whole new quest category that presents a sort of Indiana Jones roguelike-type challenge of breaking into ancient structures and facing unknown dangers inside to get ancient treasure.

There are new dryad creatures who have symbiotic relationships with special trees, and who can be controlled and grown in different castes to do different things. There is spacedrone hacking and terminal-worshipping tribal villages and the new archonexus ending

The whole thing is super moddable too.

I’m really excited to put Ideology in front of you.
WindowsMac OS XSteamOS + Linux
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Core 2 Duo
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or other shader model 4.0
Storage: 500 MB available space

RimWorld Ideology Games Feature:

  • Single-Player
  • Fast Installation
  • No Errors
  • All Game Features
  • No Virus
  • Working in any operation system

RimWorld Ideology Game Free Download

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